Custom Built

Security Hardware






Today, the "connected consumer" is a king, and thanks to digital technology, Internet capabilities and an explosion in home networking, consumers have a dramatically larger choice of content and delivery tools.
AMET Computers have a solution that:

Provides all the network security needs of your business,
Security policy management
Remote connectivity via VPN,
Network intrusion prevention
Always-on AntiVirus protection
Always-on AntiSpam protection
Category based Webfiltering with local override rules
Secure Wireless networking
Secure Network authorization
Offers a comprehensive, cost-effective network security service, designed specifically for small and medium-size businesses.
Uses proven Unified Threat Management solutions from Check Point® Software Technologies.
Can be up and running quickly and efficiently, so that you can focus on your business.
Delivers the same high-quality security that Check Point provides to Fortune 500 companies, without any hassle.